Our amphorae are hand-modelled using a technique that's more than 8,000 years old and that we learned directly in Georgia, the cradle of winemaking.

      Valtické amfory

The Valtické amfory (Valtice Amphorae) project started in 2015, when we developed an interest in

natural clay and wanted to use it to make amphorae for winemaking. With it, we supported the

global trend of producing natural wines. Today, we're shifting our attention not only to the currently

popular kvevri,but also amphorae, which are an integral part of the wineries of southern Europe. We

want to offer more than just amphorae: we can help shape the story of a winery and make original

vessels that perfectly meet the winemakers' needs. 

      Comple projects

Our kvevri amphorae are used for maturing wine at the Obelisk Winery in Valtice.

The amphorae are made from clay found directly in its vineyards.


Design of the amphora room

Obelisk Winery


Degustation amphorae 

Vican Winery


Cooling cylinders and amphorae for drinking and for maturing wine

Osička Winery

Velké Bílovice

Tiles on the entrance to Valtice Primary School


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