Design and manufacture of amphorae, design of ceramics, designer tiles and paving.

                                                                                        Our offer

Design of your              amphora room

We can help you prepare a room for your amphorae.

Design of the surface                     of                                    amphora

        Your amphorae can have different             finishes. It's up to you which one you                                   choose!

Shape design

Let's shape your amphorae together!

Construction        work

We can help you with building modifications, with which we have many years of experience.

Tiling and paving

We make custom tiles and paving. Our tiles or paving can be part of the design of the amphora room at your winery.

Advertisin ceramics

You can use our ceramics as promotional material or gift items.

Desig of amphora stands

Together with our blacksmith, we will give advice on the best stand for the type of amphora you've chosen.