Landscape restoration project

                                                                                   Úvaly   brickyard

application submitted on 17 January 2018

In this project, we want to strengthen the relationship to the landscape, region and soil by working with local natural materials. We aim to utilise our experience with natural workshops and buildings from natural materials.

Last year, we rented part of the land and set up three clay ceramic furnaces here. We organised several public firings for participants of all age categories

Our intention:

⦁ to revive a dead and boring place - create a space for meetings, relaxation, education andto utilise the former brickyard in Úvaly, currently an internal waste landfill

⦁ creativity

⦁ to rebuild a part of Úvaly that is a burden to the town into a place that people will want to visit to explore, learn, teach or relax

⦁ to create a space - an open garden using natural plants already growing there complemented with new species to design a coherent and meaningful garden with elements of permaculture in order to:⦁ improve the microclimate

⦁ improve the conditions for maintaining and strengthening the biodiversity of indigenous plant and animal species⦁ provide a space for active relaxation in the garden in the form of a mini outdoor fitness park made of natural materials

⦁ use Úvaly and Valtice clay to construct a building derived from the historical brickyard that used to stand here It should be partially constructed in the form of natural engineering workshops and be used for courses, seminars and workshops focusing on: ceramics using local clays natural engineering permaculture gardening art - fine arts, literature, drama, music Our aim is to connect together different fields of human activity with an emphasis on art for all age groups

.⦁ Link this project to other activities in the Lednice-Valtice areaFor us the open landscape is inspiring. Working with it has given us valuable experience that we want to utilise and share with others. That's why we decided to ask the town of Valtice to sell us the land. The purchase would be financed from our own resources.For the landscaping and creation of the garden and facilities, we would like to partially utilise external sources from relevant subsidy programmes.This intention is in accordance with the planning documentation of Valtice.